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MFC Patient Incentives


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  1. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on 8/29/16, How sooñ after my procedure will I receive my $50 gift card??? My husband had one done in March 2016, And he never got a gift card. His name is Terry Pringle and his doctor is Dr. Smith.

    • Editor says:

      Hello Lanicea,

      Thank you for the comment! Once your procedure is complete and your results are in, you may come in and retrieve your gift card!
      Your husband is eligible for his gift card now and will be contacted shortly in regards to retrieving his gift card.

      Have a great day!

  2. I had a Colonoscopy done on 9/15/16, took my results in to Muskegon Family Care, I was told that I would get a gift card for having the procedure. It has been a week and daily since I had it done I am being told the cards were ordered but they haven’t come in yet, we will call you when they come and if just keep checking daily to see if they have come in, or sometimes the staff will make sarcastic or rude remarks or comments when I call. Whch I feel is unnecessary, I am only calling because I was told to check daily.

  3. csgopace.com says:

    If you are a patient you can visit the patient portal to communicate directly with our care providers.

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