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Community (COVID-19) Vaccination

Community Vaccination

Muskegon Family Care will be conducting a Community COVID-19 Vaccination event for individuals 65 + and Essential Workers on March 06, 2021, beginning at 8AM – 2PM but can end earlier when all limited doses are given.

Bring Id and Insurance card, call Muskegon Family Care to schedule your appointment TODAY! (231) 739-9315 EXT. 1622

Below is map to locate Muskegon Family Care for our Community Covid-19 Vaccination event March 06, 2021.

Location of Muskegon Family Care:

Community (COVID-19) Vaccination

Saturday 9AM – 2PM

Call us for more information:

Phone: (231) 739-9315 ext 1261

After hours:

Phone: 231-737-1701