• Opioid Addiction

    Suboxone/Buprenorphine Medication Assisted Treatment

For many individuals who struggle with an opioid addiction, learning to cope with an addiction is one of the most challenging endeavors they will experience. Without professional help, an individual is likely to remain tangled in the vicious cycle of opioid use. However, by engaging in proper treatment, an individual is more likely to gain skills they need to cope with the opioid addiction so they can experience a healthier life in which they deserve. At Muskegon Family Care, we offer two options with the prescribing of Suboxone or Sublocade, for individuals 18 and older, seeking help with an opioid addiction. You are not in this alone. We are here to help.

Option 1:
Muskegon Family Care’s Medication Assisted Treatment Program consists of working with professionals from different scopes of practices, to gain the best overall experience and enhance recovery skills. Along with meeting with a prescriber who prescribes Suboxone or Sublocade, you will have access to a therapist, case manager, recovery coach and/or groups. You choose the supports you need and we work to help support you.

Option 2:
Although we believe it is always best to receive a full treatment approach, we also understand that does not match everyone’s needs. For those not seeking to participate in our full Medication Assisted Treatment Program, Muskegon Family Care offers Suboxone or Sublocade management only. You will meet with a prescriber and work on your recovery together with the prescribing of Suboxone or Sublocade ONLY. You will always have the option to add supports at any time during your treatment if needed

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Suboxone is an oral prescription medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat an Opioid use disorder (OUD) by managing cravings and withdrawal. Sublocade is a monthly injection approved by the FDA to treat and OUD by managing craving and withdrawal.